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With cybercrime on the rise, it’s more important than ever to have the right email security. From your inbox to your employees, you need to know that every avenue a hacker could take is blocked. Read the below assets to make sure you stay informed—and stay safe.

When Reputation is Not Enough

Being trustworthy could be your downfall when it comes to new spam methods. See how Predictive Sender Profiling can help secure your emails.

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Comprehensive Email Filtering

Take control over the growing number of spam and virus attacks. Discover how to secure your email gateway and prevent malware entering your system.

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Know Your Threats

What attacks is your business likely to face? What’s the current state of the cyber-crime arena? How can you guarantee total security? Find out in infographic.

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White paper: Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection

Read our advanced threat protection (ATP) white paper to ensure you’re protected on every level—from spear phishing to social engineering.

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Solution brief: ATP for Email Security Gateway

Explore a security strategy that remains effective over time, is agile, and able to detect rapidly changing dangers.

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Datasheet: Barracuda Email Security Gateway

With Barracuda Email Security Gateway, you get comprehensive, long-term email threat protection, wrapped up in an affordable, easy-to-use package.

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White paper: Securing Email with Email Encryption

Traditionally, using email encryption has been complex. But it’s vital to protect your business. See how we make it simple in this white paper.

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Solution brief: Integrating the Barracuda Email Security Gateway and the Barracuda Message Archiver

To encrypt and store email messages and attachments, you can integrate Barracuda Email Security Gateway and Barracuda Message Archiver to capture all inbound and outbound messages.

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White paper: Backup and Archiving for Office 365

In this white paper, you can see the specific needs backup and archiving address; why you need them for Office 365; and why you shouldn’t use a single solution to encompass both.

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Solution brief: Archiving from Office 365 for Compliance and E-Discovery

Our Message Archiver and Cloud Archiving Service enhance Office 365. Read the solution brief to see exactly how we improve it.

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Datasheet: Cloud Archiving Service

See how Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service helps you demonstrate compliance, support audits, and access all messages.

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Report: Best Practices for Migrating to Office 365

Migrating to Office 365 represents a significant step for any organisation. Read this research report to see what you should and shouldn’t do during the process.

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Report: Key Issues for E-Discovery and Legal Compliance

Good e-discovery practices and the technologies that support them are essential for any organisation. Read this research report to see best practice.

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White paper: Comprehensive Email Protection

Read our white paper to see how you can secure your entire email infrastructure against advanced email threats like spear phishing attacks, account takeover, business fraud and data loss.

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Datasheet: Barracuda Essentials for Email Security

Discover how Barracuda Essentials for Email Security ensures email security, compliance and continuity, in an affordable package.

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Datasheet: Enhanced Security for Office 365 Environments

See how our cost-effective Essentials for Office 365 defends you against all email-based threats—from DoS attacks to phishing.

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White paper: The Evolution of Spear Phishing

Why is phishing spelt with a ph? What makes spear phishing different? Who’s a potential target? Learn all about spear phishing, and most critically, how to stay safe, in our white paper.

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Datasheet: AI for Real-time Spear Phishing

See how Barracuda Sentinel guards your business against spear phishing, impersonation, cyber fraud and compromised emails.

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Report: Best Practices for Protecting Against Phishing, Ransomware and Email Fraud

Read this research report for an understanding of the current cybersecurity space, and what best practice you should be following.

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Spear Phishing: Top Three Impersonating Acts

Impersonations are increasingly more common, sophisticated and targeted. Read about the most common impersonation attempts you should watch out for.

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White paper: The Email Threat

From ransomware and trojans to phishing and social engineering, the list of email-borne threats gets longer by the day. Discover more about the reality of email security, and why training could be your best protection.

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Understand the threats

There are thousands of threats that easily bypass standard email filters. We can help you find them. Our email threat scanner identifies the security and compliance threats that are currently in your account.

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