Microsoft Azure Resource Library
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Securing Applications on Microsoft Azure (Whitepaper)
In this document, we discuss Microsoft Azure’s native security features and how Barracuda’s best-in-class virtualized Next-Generation Firewall and Web Application Firewalls augment the security of workloads or applications running in Azure to provide reliable and resilient cloud services for your enterprise, partners, and customers.

Firewalls in the Cloud –  Microsoft Azure (Whitepaper)
In this document, we will look at the requirements for cloud application security. We also discuss a new category of threat defense – cloud deployed firewall – capable of delivering all of the benefits of traditional network security in a virtualized form deployed in Microsoft Azure.

Securing SharePoint Deployments in Microsoft Azure (Whitepaper)
In this document, we discuss the benefits of deploying SharePoint server farms in Microsoft Azure and what the Barracuda Web Application Firewall, an integrated, proven, and highly scalable security solution on Microsoft Azure can add in terms of application security, identity management, and client access control.

blinkbox Moves to Cloud and Saves Millions (Case Study)
Examine the strategic advantages of the Barracuda’s Web Application Firewall and Microsoft Azure alliance for modern, high-performance security in the cloud, and millions in savings. 



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